For a spiritual boost and affirmation of faith. Our traditional worship service is filled with hymns, Christian music & inspiring messages from Bible to you to help you have a better relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. This is a Relationship, not Religion. GOD ! is what matters.

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South Carolina Wedding Chapel, Inc



Church Programs by SCWC

South Carolina traditional worship and church programs for a spiritual boost and affirmation of your faith. Hymns, Christian music and inspiring messages to help you have a better relationship with our Lord Jesus

Are you playing games ♠ ♣ ♦ ♥ or do you hear a song ♩ ♪ ♬ ♭

Is your faith, like a flame ?

Worship Service, 3rd Sunday at 3:00 PM

Get fired up for our Lord Jesus Christ

Fellowship  at 5:30 PM 2nd & 4th Thursday

Break Bread with us, let us share and support each other

Visitation Tuesday 9 AM to 3 PM

Visit with as many as possible to see what we can help with.

Street Ministry Monday 7 AM to 9 AM

Celebrate and Rejoice publicly our love for our Lord Jesus Christ
Greet and Meet, Free Hugs, Prayers, Bibles, and one on one questions

National Prayer Day 1st of the Month 6 PM

A united prayer for ourselves, family, country and the World

The Word of God is the only TRUTH.

Red Letter Bible with the words of Jesus in RED

Look up something in the  Bible.

Gospel Pals - A social group for Christians.


Need a Friend, lets Talk:

South Carolina Wedding Chapel, Inc

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SC Wedding Chapel

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Street Ministry: Free Hugs, Prayers, Answers, friends, or just to Talk
Perhaps you would like to join me some morning, or start your own.
Monday 6am to 8 am at Main & Central in Georgetown, MA



Wedding Officiant - Pastor Jay Randolph:

Wedding Video:

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Wedding/Marriage Questions, Answers, Stories, or list your business

Marriage Steps:

Be Our Friend      Talk *✞* Chat *✞* Prayer *✞* Support *✞* Family 

When you are trying to deal with something difficult,
you should be able to turn to the person closest to you.

If you are Not able to do that, we are here for you
We will listen to whatever you want to talk about.

Need somebody to understand how you feel? (reply with how we think your feeling)
Need answers to questions? (We will do our best to answer your question)
Need a Friend Sometimes it is just nice to have a Friend)
Need Prayers? (Pastor Jay Randolph does this best)

Send us a message with one of the titles listed above in the subject line
and we will reply accordingly

Have somebody listen to you
Express your deepest thoughts and feelings without concern
the other party might be offended, hurt, or judgmental?

We will listen to anything you wish to share. we will not judge, comment on, or condemn, anything you tell us, which you list as "VENTING". Everything you write will be confidential. We are here to listen and allow you to vent/rant/unload without you having to fear being ridiculed, belittled, or chastised.

As a minister, Pastor Jay Randolph is a thankful, submitted servant of God
who enjoys praying for everything, and everybody.

One of our goals is to be a giving and humble servant before God, also,
God has given us a heart to love everybody

You can write as little or as much as you wish. You can write as often as you wish.
If you prefer to talk with Pastor Jay Randolph in person,
you can request a number to call him.

Pastor Jay would like to help you set this up for your Church or Fellowship.  

South Carolina Wedding Chapel

North Charleston, SC Home Church to all Denominations as the Bride of Christ.
2908 Otranto Rd.
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Phone: (843) 608-0035