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South Carolina Wedding Chapel, Inc .

South Carolina Wedding Chapel, Inc
Pastor Jay Randolph
3 Laurel Lane
Apt B
Georgetown, MA 01833

Ph: (978) 429-7717 Call or text at any time.


Pastor Jay Randolph (born January 20, 1959) Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ The Voice

A Georgetown, MA 1611 King James Bible Baptist Church of baptized believers who worship the Lord our God in spirit and in truth, teach the saved to reach the lost and minister to the needs of others. While encouraging one another through acts of love and living in obedience to Gods Word. Our Vision: Under the guidance of a Spirit-led leader, envisions a spiritually mature, family-oriented, multi-generational church whose foundation is Jesus, equipped and empowered to share the Gospel through the Word of God and through acts of service, utilizing facilities that will impact today's society.
Do you know what the Bible says about love, Bride of Christ, and the Holy Ghost?
Let us share with you how you can have a better life,