South Carolina Wedding Chapel, Inc

We invite Parents, Children and everybody to a movement for everybody

Parents should Love their Children Always, and put them 1st

Children should Always respect their parents

All People should Love all people

We should make the most out of life, and help others do the same

There is NEVER a cost, or fee, and we never ask for money

Help us, Help each other, be a Happy Family

I am Pastor Jay Randolph and our Church is South Carolina Wedding Chapel, Inc.
We are a branch of the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ, and you can help if your a member of another church or not.

We are a KJV, Independent, Fundamental, Baptist Church in Goose Creek, SC reaching those in the Charleston Area

We pray and shout in the name of The Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost

There is NOT any charge for our services or time, and likewise we do NOT pay for any services.

We do take donations, which are for people in desperate times, after every other option has been tried

We need people to help post on Social Media, Craigslist, and anywhere else we can post.

We need people to help come up with ways we can best help people.

For those who have accepted our Lord Jesus Christ:

We are looking for people to reply to letters, and e-mails for a program we call " Be our Friend"

We also would like people who would spend time on Monday mornings waving to people as they start their day, and talk with any who may stop.
We call this our "Monday Street Ministry" (We provide any needed material)

For those God calls to be Ministers, He Ordains them, and we provide the Credentials, but 1st they must be prayed over, and we need people to do this

I consider myself a very loving, and Understand Minister, but I will never be able to be understanding of everything at all times.

King Arthur had his round table, and I need mine.

I need people who can let me know of things going on in our country that should be addressed. I need to know when my approach could be better. I need people that when I have to make a decision to give somebody money, would be willing to vote if this would be the very best use of the money we have

Our home page is

ALL Volunteer Positions are at will. Meaning you only do what you want, when you want for as long as you want. So if your busy that day, or do not want to deal with that issue, you do not have to.

I know most people are busy and barely have time to drink a cup of coffee, but with our program, you only do what you want.

If there was ever a time for the Church of the Lord Jesus to speak up lovingly but firmly for marriage, the family and our freedom, that time is now.

The only requirement to be a part of South Carolina Wedding Chapel, Inc is LOVE.
To be a Member of the South Carolina Wedding Chapel is simple, even if your already a member of a Church or Denomination

You must be, or become a Christian. This means you repent of your sins, and accept Jesus Christ as your ONLY Lord and Savior.
And you follow our rules when with our group, or representing us

Our Bylaws:

1. We Love God first, more than everything else, and put his will first always.

2. We love all other Human Beings (Those being defined as humans by DNA)as we love ourselves, judging only their actions.

3. Sex is defined by DNA as either Male or Female.

4. Sex between a Husband and Wife who are married to each other, is the ONLY sex which is Lawful.
(We do NOT provide, nor recognize any Wedding, Baptism, or Blessing to same sex, or multiple partner couplings but invite them for love and support)

5. All decisions are according to the 1611 King James Bible.

Volunteers, Churches, Pastors, Ministers, Christians
How do we show our love for God?

Make our love for Jesus Christ known in Public.

We have the greatest gift ever given to this world,
we should celebrate and share it with the world.

I ask that we all commit to share our love for Jesus Christ
for at least one hour a week in "PUBLIC"

Not for the building we meet in, but for our Lord and King "Jesus Christ" We have so many Veterans, Homeless, Handicapped and other needs, there is something everyone can do.

I know we are all busy in our lives, but I think we all could spend one hour a week sharing what is most important to us. You can do this on your own, with us, or we can give you some suggestions.

Monday we have a Street Ministry 6 - 8 am

Thursday we have Fellowship, and Food Giveaway from 6 - 8 pm

Sunday join us at 3 pm

The rest of the time is "Be Our Friend" Most people just want somebody to talk to, a cup of coffee, replace a bulb, or your opinion on something.
They just want to know that their life has value.

What we NEED is Volunteers, and you will never be asked to do anything you do not want to do.

Thank you, and may God bless you in all you do.

Become an Ordained Minister of the Gospel
of our Lord Jesus Christ

If God has called you to minister to others, and you have a fire to spread His Word,
your in the right place, and there are NO fees
To become an Ordained Minister, you must come to one of our locations.
As of now our locations are: South Carolina, Massachusetts, and Kenya
And we are working on adding more locations

Become an Ordained Minister

National Prayer Day is the 1st of the Month at 6 PM New York Time. We Pray for our Country, and for our World


South Carolina Wedding Chapel, Inc
Pastor Jay Randolph
1017 Willowood Ave
Goose Creek, SC 29445

Ph: (843) 608-0035 Call or text at any time.


Join the Hallmark Bible Study (1st Meeting is 12/07/17)

A 1611 King James Bible Christian Organization of baptized believers who worship our Lord God in spirit and in truth, teach the saved to reach the lost and minister to the needs of others. While encouraging one another through acts of love and living in obedience to Gods Word. Our Vision: Under the guidance of a Spirit-led leader, envisions a spiritually mature, family-oriented, multi-generational church whose foundation is Jesus, equipped and empowered to share the Gospel through the Word of God and through acts of service, utilizing facilities that will impact today's society.
Do you know what the Bible says about love, Bride of Christ, and the Holy Ghost?
Let us share with you how you can have a better life,

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Pastor Jay Randolph

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