HealthCare Center Services

icensure and Certification
Hallmark HealthCare Center  is licensed by the State of South Carolina and is certified to provide services for Medicaid and Medicare eligible recipients.
Private insurance and private funds are also accepted at our facility. Financial arrangements may be reviewed with the Administrator and appointments can be made at your convenience. 
Discharge Planning
Discharge planning is available for the individual wishing to return home or to another facility. Discharge
planning will begin as soon as the individual is admitted to Hallmark. Dedicated professional staff will
assess the individual’s ability to manage activities of daily living and make recommendations necessary to
ensure a smooth transition. Home health referrals, visiting nurses, out-patient therapy services, at-home
therapy or respiratory services referrals are only a few of the resources available through
Hallmark HealthCare Center

Each individual is unique and special attention is given to identify each individuals life long interest.
Development of an activities program for the individual begins on admission to Hallmark. Friends and
family members are encouraged to participate or offer suggestions which will aid our residents.

An active volunteer program is offered at Hallmark. Special talented people share their time to assist
our residents. Life-long friendships have been formed through our volunteer program. 
We continuously seek people who are willing to become involved with our residents and staff on a
volunteer basis. If you are interested in becoming a part of our family, please contact our Activities
Director or the Administrator.

Short-Term Respite Care 
Short-term respite care is offered at Hallmark HealthCare Center. Respite care provides a break from demanding daily routines required of loving caregivers. Short-term arrangements can be made through our Admission Coordinator or Social Service Director. Please consider this service if you need short-term care for a loved one while on a business trip or vacation. Every attempt will be made to provide a plan of care that meets your family members needs.


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