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Do You Know The Bible ?

Most of us know from our personal experience of the Love, Hope, Joy, Peace,
Mercy, and Comfort from our Lord Jesus Christ. However there are many who
have not only not experienced this, but they have never been in a Church,
or read the Bible.

This ministry is to share with others the Love of Jesus Christ.
Read about our goal. We are not a brick and mortar building type group.

Your age, sexual orientation, religion, race, sex, past, beliefs,
None of that matters here. 

We don't look down upon you for being you.
We are here to take a journey together.
We don't push religion we offer support and guidance. .
We offer prayer, love, and support.

We are not perfect, so we do not expect anybody else to be perfect.

We are not your typical group, we respect everyone's beliefs.
We are here to encourage you to open up to what the Bible says.

We accept if you have tattoos, or piercings, or wear jeans every day,
or if you listen to a particular type of music. 

We are all God's creations and if everyone could just unite to help one another, even if it is just to give encouragement, say thank you, or have a great day, how much better would the world we live in and raise our children in be?

Smile, say hello to a stranger even if they don't say hi back. A Smile is a powerful thing.

When you are positive, positive things happen. That negative energy is evil, and we know where evil comes from.  We encourage everybody to join us for "Life"
we welcome you.

You can interact and make lifelong friends and contacts,
or meet people who share your thoughts and visions.

Learn more about "LIFE"

South Carolina Wedding Chapel, Inc
Pastor Jay Randolph
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