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Monday Street Ministry - Praise & Worship in Public

Monday Street Ministry


Smile, Jesus Loves You

Volunteers, Churches, Pastors, Ministers, Christians

Asking that we all, make our love for Jesus Christ known in Public.

We have the greatest gift ever given to this world,
we should celebrate and share it with the world.

I ask that we all commit to share our love for Jesus Christ
for at least one hour a week in "PUBLIC"

Not for the building we meet in, but for our Lord and King "Jesus Christ"

I know we are all busy in our lives, but I think we could spend one hour a week sharing what is most important to us.

There are many ways for us to do this, and I will suggest a few:

Help people load groceries into their car, A FREE Car Wash,

Read a Bible out loud at a Park,

Door to Door Visitation,

Sign Ministry, I do this for 2 hrs on Monday morning

I have my sign which reads "Questions Ask Me Smile Jesus loves you.
I stand there with my sign smiling, and waving to people as I sing.

For those who stop, I offer free hugs, prayers, books, and answer questions.

I encourage everyone to do this

For those doing this, if you have a question your not prepared to answer,
I am only a phone call away. Pastor Jay Randolph

Free Hugs, Prayers, Bibles, Answers, or just to Talk.

Pastor Jay Randolph is the Minister who stands on Rivers Ave in front of the New T Mobile  with a sign "Questions Ask Me,
Smile Jesus Loves You" on Monday from 7 AM to 9 AM

When it does NOT rain. (or Bad Weather)  Smile, Honk, Beep, or
Wave as you go by.  If you have time, please stop for Free Hugs,
Prayers, Bibles, Answers, or just to Talk.

But most important, I want you to know God Loves You, 
and I want You to think of your relationship with HIM.

Please stop by, and thank you for your interest!

Perhaps you would like to stand with me, or start your own Street Ministry. Look for me on Rivers, in front of the new T Mobile

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“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.” — C.S. Lewis