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Pastor Jay Randolph, the person

Pastor Jay Randolph, a Husband, Father, Brother, Uncle. Cousin, PaPa, Veteran, Christian from South Carolina, and Massachusetts.

Pastor for: Monthly National Prayer Day, Monday Street Ministry, Be Our Friend, Bible Study, Weddings, Blessings, Baptism, & SCWC Home Church

One of many of the sheep who have been blessed by the call to be a Pastor. Share the Word of God from the 1611 King James Bible. My goal is to do the will of my Father by following the example His Son Jesus Christ has set. I encourage all to use the Bible they are most comfortable with. For any questions, I would be happy to help you find the answer. God loves you, and has given to a great gift.

All you need to do is accept it. We need people to meet with us in Georgetown at Central and Main on Monday. We meet there to wave and greet people as they start their week. We are there 6 to 8 am and your welcome to stay as long as you like. We also have the #WeddingCelebration and #NationalPrayerDay

Despite the Hollywood families that always seem to loom over us on television, posters and bill boards,
there are many more complexities and dynamics to families than all smiles and laughter.

Sometimes it is the sad or bad times that bond us. All families are different, and all families have their own issues, but with the right amount of work and determination, you can make your family life the very best for you,


Pastor Jay Randolph

Pastor Jay Randolph

Style Me Pretty

Pastor Jay Randolph

PaPa Jay
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SCWC Home Church

by developing your relationships and
learning more about yourself and your relatives. What is perfect for one family, is not for another.

Those in our immediate family are the ones who share the closets DNA, Culture, History and Ancestors with us. My immediate family is my Grandparents and their Brothers and Sisters, Parents and their Brothers, Sisters, Cousins, my Brothers and Sisters, My Neice, their children, my children, and my Grandchildren. So no wonder I am comfortable with large gatherings. We have had good times together, and bad times. We do not always agree with each other, but we love and support them, even in the bad times.

I grew up with cousins, like my brothers and sisters. Some times they were great, and other times I wish they were not there. I have a great family and I enjoy praying for them. When I pray I think of a memory of them, and it is like watching my favorite movie. When your younger, you do not have many family memories, but as you get older you will be glad to have those memories. So, today pick up the phone and call a family member you have not heard from in a while, or better yet, go see them. Make your own memories. If you end up with 10% of the family memories I have, then you have a wonderful life

I love God most of all, then it is my wife, 5 children, 5 grandchildren (So far) and my many grandbabies.

I enjoy helping others, and I also enjoy doing things with my family.

We enjoy going to Salisbury Beach, but never in the water, way too cold up here

I enjoy laughing and joking, and enjoy the company of everyone who is not angry or uses foul language.

I would like to hook up with anyone from Ft. Campbell, KY or Schofield Barracks, HI

My wife and I used to be over the road truck drivers. Mostly 18 wheeler, but sometimes tri axle for over size load.

My youngest son doesn't keep in touch, so I created a hashtag #JamesAndIan so I can post to him and his partner.

SCWC Home Church
Pastor Jay Randolph
3 Laurel Lane
Apt B
Georgetown, MA 01833

Ph: (978) 429-7717 Call or text at any time.

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“Christian, you are the state lottery, the cure for cancer, and the three wishes from Aladdin’s lamp all rolled into one” — E.L. James