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Pastor Jay Randolph

Free Hugs, Prayers, Bibles, Answers, or just to Talk.

Pastor Jay Randolph is the Minister who stands on the street
in front of the Georgetown Bank with a sign "Questions Ask Me,
Smile Jesus Loves You" on Monday from 6 AM to 8 AM

When it does NOT rain. (or Bad Weather)  Smile, Honk, Beep, or
Wave as you go by.  If you have time, please stop for Free Hugs,
Prayers, Bibles, Answers, or just to Talk.

But most important, I want you to know God Loves You, 
and I want You to think of your relationship with HIM.

Please stop by, and thank you for your interest!

Watch for me in Georgetown, MA or perhaps you would like to stand with me, or start your own Street Ministry.

Learn more about the Street Ministry

South Carolina Wedding Chapel, Inc
Pastor Jay Randolph
3 Laurel Lane
Apt B
Georgetown, MA 01833

Ph: (978) 429-7717 Call or text at any time.

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